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zanadoo wrote in do_me_khaldrogo

HOT fully animated Drogo/Dany shag gif (made by someone on Faceboook, Bluecatdevil Pitt, not sure if she is on here though):

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*dies 100000 deaths* *humps 10000 humps*

Dany's expression makes me think that I shouldn't enjoy this as much as I do...but COME ON. Ugh. Mmm. Yum.

No shame in enjoying! Personally I can't see any other away around it!!

Sorry, I don't really find this hot. :( I mean, she's being raped. I just can't.

A lot of overly sensitive people around's just a TV show...

Oh. Lol. Sorry to be so sensitive about rape! :\

You need to see more films/shows then. This is the tamest "rape" I've ever seen....(and I wouldn't even call the sex scenes in the tent "rape" anyway...)

I wouldn't even call the sex scenes in the tent "rape"

Oh. So I guess she's just crying about the guy brutally taking her from behind because she's so overjoyed and happy. My mistake. :\

This is a Khal Drogo group.....if you don't like these scenes, there's not much else to post... :P

There's a really nice sex scene between the two of them where it's consensual and, to me, far hotter than being taken by force.

Well, the community truly is "anything goes" so.....maybe it's not for you.

I think you're right about that. ;)

Then you won't like this community. Get out.

Actually, having read the books I know that their relationship evolves into more than just him raping her, which is why I joined. But given your supremely nasty attitude, I don't foresee this being a very fun place. So wish granted, I'm outta here.

(I've never flounced before, that was kind of fun!)

Daaaaaaaaammmmmmn!!! This is hot!!!

(Deleted comment)
Girl, you smart. Me too!!! This is 100% hot.

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