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Do Me, Khal Drogo
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A fan community for Game of Throne's Khal Drogo, where ANYTHING goes....
Would you purposely drop your hanky and bend over in hopes of being ravished by a certain Warlord?

Would the elements of a fine, Dothrakian arse intrigue you more than a pile of rotting corpses?

Would you don a long, blonde wig in hopes of being mistaken as Daenerys?

If so, congratulations--you are an KhalSlut (TM). And heaven help you, you have found your haven!

Here, we may immerse in Khal Drogo based conversation and shameless pic posts, yes. We may drool, pant and squeal over the warrior's ferocious yet delicious being, yes. But we may also eroticize and spread promiscuous filth where the good chieftan is concerned--and all with D.M.K.D's blessings!

In a nutshell, anything (and I do mean ANYTHING) goes. Call it a place for the more "adult" KhalSluts. However, everyone and anyone is welcome.

Allez tout droit,

(Proud member of do_me_cliques.)